Mindfulness is a very popular technique these days to deal with stress and anxiety.

Using breathing techniques and bringing your attention to the present moment you can increase the richness of your daily tasks and help you lead a more relaxed and meaningful life.

When people first start to “meditate” sometimes they find its not as easy as they think.  The first thing that can happen is that your mind goes a bit nuts and becomes even noisier and disturbed.  Have no fear as.  Dr Jones has had many years experience and has many little techniques to help deal with this stage and can help calm it all down



Mindfulness can be an end in itself and is very satisfying and excellent for stress relief and feeling happier.

If Meditation is where you want to go then mindfulness is one of the outer practices that can help lead to Meditation 

Dr Jones can also take you through other outer practices that can help with meditation.  It take dedication of time and turning up every day .  Meditation is not a technique to be taught it is a state of being, and outer practices can help.

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