chronic pain

Chronic Pain in body  (especially in head, neck area )

Chronic dental pain at times can  baffle many dentists. The head and neck, mouth and teeth are a very complicated site of anatomical strcutures so many of which can be the source of pain.

Having worked in an endodontic practice for over 25 years where everyone who comes in has pain I had plenty of practice at diagnosing the source of dental pain. Some of the problems came from sources outside the mouth and some even came from emotional trauma .  This required looking at the whole person not just the teeth. Because of my training as a Feldenkrais practitioner etc I was able to see the bigger picture and  in co-ordination with other practitioners I was able to resolve difficulty for a lot of people. Some of my patients were referred by other practitioners and by oral surgeons who could not find answers with in their field.

Now although I don’t work in the mouth any more since my care accident I still have the knowledge and I can now use my skills in Feldenkrais and Acuenergetics to integrate the work of dentists who treat cranio-mandibular problems into the rest of the body .

Its not enough to simply work on the broken or malfunctioning parts. Unless the changes are intergrated into the functioning of the whole body the change may not last . Sometimes pain in the cranio-mandibula area originally comes from a malfunctioning shoulder. If the shoulder is not addressed it will continue to pull the cranio-mandibular area out of alignment .

All of our functioning affects every other part of our body and being so the whole body really needs to be addressed.

I find a lot of tightness in the head neck area is highly connected to tightness in the pelvic and even leg areas.

My work supports the dentist but attending to these distant parts that are also tight.

I have had good success with people who have pain in many areas of their body gradually bringing them back to a “normal” life again.

I use the dual aspects of Acuenergetics where I can regulate the electrical flow around meridians and organs and fascia I can relieve pain quickly, then with my neuroplastic skills from Feldenkrais I can then rewire the body functioning  to a new way to move—-when people are in chronic pain for many years they change the way they move, muscles become tighter to try to avoid creating pain. These muscular tension patterns become wired into the nervous system and become habitual. Bt helping the client  out of this habitual holding pattern into better postures the pain can keep coming back .

This is the advantage of my multifaceted approach.

Sometimes a tight muscle from chronic pain can hold emotion–something unexpressed from the past. It is well known that letting go of the tight muscles can allow this old emotion to re-emerge . With my journeywork skills I am experienced in helping people resolve this discomfort and bring them back to health expression of emotions.  

So releasing chronic pain is not simply a matter of fixing a broken bit , in time it can have become quite complicated and with my multiple modalities I am well placed to bring a client/patient back to good functioning and comfort.