Journeywork is an easy guided introspective process that enables you to uncover old traumatic  memories that were too hard to deal with in the past that continue to influence you in present day …..It could be as simple as falling off your bike at 4yrs old and being told “DONT CRY”or maybe you were brutally assaulted by someone.

Often these memories are unconsciously carried over time and go into unconsciousness and seem to be forgotten but  they remain as cellular memories of past traumas and beliefs BUT they can be creating the same old stuck automatic responses in your behaviour that:- 

~Stops you to from fulfilling YOUR LIFE PURPOSE 
~Could be preventing full health and vitality
~Are not allowing you to be emotionally happy by keeping you locked into old unhealthy emotional patterns of reaction.
~Are keeping you locked into negative self-talk that is not allowing you to heal from old trauma and childhood beliefs. (the ones that are a particlur nuisance in meditation)
~Stopping your actions and communication from being directed by your own natural spontaneity, creativity and happiness. 

Even though physical, emotional and intellectual patterns of behaviour and action become programmed into your nervous system, and seem permanent we know from countless new studies in neuroscience just how huge is our capacity for change. 
Neuroplasticity which I learned about over 30 years ago is now the buzz word and a normal part of our regular science knowledge..

NLP work with the nuts and bolts of how we communicate and can afford amazing changes in functioning
Journeywork works with NLP and other refined techniques to more elegantly and easily change your life more than you will believe possible.

Journeywork sessions in time of Covid are done on Zoom online and can take from one to 3 hours as each processs comes to a resolution of whatever issue is to be dealt with —–you are never left till “next session” to continue.

Call Dr Jones on 0427222303 to set up a session or to ask about the process

Brandon Bays explains the Journey


Brandon and Kevin Billet talk about how they are using the journey to create amazing healings from Depression —even when you’ve been dependant on drugs.