AcuEnergetics® is an extremely well respected treatment approach that uses cutting edge bio-electrical healing techniques, developed by Kevin Niv Farrow. It combines Chinese, Judaic, Indian and Western healing traditions , together with modern research and techniques to create this powerful and effective treatment modality.

Sessions are on a massage table –fully clothed at the Acuenergetics School in Balmain—–Clinic is COVID safe

For Appointment call Dr Jones on 0427222303

Acuenergetics works with the bio-electrical system in the body, by encouraging the electrical flow in the body. It can promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health. AcuEnergetics® understands that pain and disease in the body and mind is caused by a disruption in the flow of your body’s energy (electricity).

Our energy is influenced by injury, physical pressure, as well as our attitudes and thoughts (stress). When we are angry, worried or sad the bio-electricity moves in a contracting way, restricting flow and inhibiting the regular functions of the body. Over time, your muscles and organs can’t do their jobs properly, wounds won’t heal and pain and symptoms start to appear.

AcuEnergetics® Practitioners use their hands on precise points on the body creating a filed of low resistance and this helps to restore this natural bio-electrical flow, usually without touching the body.

With its comprehensive understanding of the energetic physiology and anatomy of the body, AcuEnergetics® transforms pain and disease in the body and mind, by restoring the natural flow of bio-electricity.

In addition to offering treatments for specific complaints, AcuEnergetics® also has a series of Wellness Balances to reduce stress and tension, increase energy flow, reduce stiffness, strengthen the immune system and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

AcuEnergetics® has successfully treated thousands of people across a wide range of conditions. The AcuEnergetics® formula continues to amaze and defy the laws of western medicine with such consistent and potent success.

AcuEnergetics® has successfully treated a wide range of complaints including:

• sports injuries • back & neck pain • stress & panic attacks • low energy & chronic fatigue • menstrual & fertility issues • knee problems • aches & pains • depression • headaches & migraines • breathing problems • shoulder pain • burns • post surgery pain • grief & trauma • numbness • cancer support.