The Feldenkrais Method helps to improve Human Functioning on all levels using the neuroplastic capacity of the nervous system to change.

We treat in private hands on sessions called Functional Integration and in group classes called Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Lessons . Personal sessions are done  fully clothed on a table that is wider and lower than a massage table

In Covid times I am working either singly or group classes via Zoom and I have found these just as powerful as working in the clinic


We use easy movement lessons with awareness to undo old patterns of movement —that have become restricted by muscular tension and cause pain and tension .   


Then we encourage better ways to move based on how healthy neural development occurs. When we use attention and feel how we move it as if we have been rewired. Our movement can become more co-ordinated, more flexible and easier and elegant . 


We work with people with severe neurological problems,  athletes wanted to perform better and regular people who have become stiff and sore because they sit badly at work or have developed other poor habits of posture.


Dr Jones has worked for 30 years now with dentists and their staff to reverse and prevent the awful toll that Dentistry can take .  She has resurrected many careers.


I also teach workshops in private practices at conferences (Dubai, Edinburgh and Bristol dental school , Bahrain and Sydney and Newcastle) at through the Australian Dental Association 

(https://www.adansw.com.au/CPD/Courses/Working-Posture-for-the-Dental-Office?eventid=C762) upcoming courses on Nov 7th and April 23-2021)–see workshops for other options



Dr Jones also works in conjunction with Medical and Dental specialists who treat cranio-mandibular pain and dysfunction. 

Often holding intuit area is connected with holding in other areas of the body such at the pelvis and the chest. Unless muscular tension in distant parts is also treated the problem can continue to recur despite good quality professional work

What is the Feldenkrais Method

Norman Doige talking about Feldenkrais and neuroplasticity and how his method began

What is neuroplasticity --the basis for the Feldenkrais Method