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Dr Penelope Jones

Meet Dr. Penelope Jones

Dr Jones has been involved in both orthodox and complimentary healing for well over 50 years.     She has skills that embrace everything from the latest in scientific research partnered with the deeper more subtle personal aspects of healing . Dr Jones can provide sessions in exclusively only one of her modalities or she can work with all modalities she is trained in.

Dr Jones is avaliable for covid safe online sessions and some restricted personal sessions.

Our Services Include


Feldenkrais Method

Using neuroplasticity to improve human functioning. Replace your old patterns of muscular tension with new more flexible movement and better posture.


chronic pain

Chronic Pain

 Years of experience in the dental field and Feldenkrais area  have well prepared me to deal with Chronic pain especially of the head, neck, jaw area.




Using the bioelectrical system of the body to promote better electrical / energetic flow in meridians, fascia and organs to improve physical and emotional health.


The Journey + NLP

A process based in NLP to find memories of past unresolved hurt that are still affecting us today. We easily help  to resolve and clear them.




Mindfulness uses attention and breathing   to allow you to be more present with whatever you are doing leading to more satisfaction and pleasure in life 


Services and Sessions

  • Prevent workplace injury by learning how to sit or move better at work and reverse the damage already done.
  • Personal session to heal physical injury and pain, recover from surgery and accidents and past trauma.
  • Help rebalance your electrical system to reverse chronic illness and increase health of your organs, meridians and nervous system.
  • Regain your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing in a HOLISTIC manner that includes all parts of your being–mind body and spirit.
  • Resolve old emotional traumas and come to feel more empowered and openhearted in your life.

  • Learn how to enjoy the richness of every moment of your life.

Upcoming Events

Thursday online Feldenkrais classes


 With Dr Penelope Jones

March 18 … 2021  

Create a softer flexible back


Chronic pain in lower back, knees, hips etc can arise if your hipsà ankles 

are not aligned. This weeks lesson helps to do just that with ease


Booking essential.  


2hr WorkingPosture workshop

20-3-2021   9-11.00 am

10-4-2021  9-11.00 am

Dr Jones can take you through some easy slow movement lessons to essentially rewire how you sit and move at work . You’ll feel exactly where you hold tension and with new movements then how to release that tension as you work .

see Booking essential.  


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Dr Penelope Jones

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